This network is an exciting opportunity to join a collaborative, inclusive community that will support high quality learning in your school.

These meetings will keep you up to date with the latest research, resources and developments. It will also provide a supportive environment for collaborative working to develop plans for change and whole school improvement. The focus is always learning with IT as a medium to maximise engagement.

The content of these sessions will be led by the needs of your pupils so please come prepared to discuss your progress and challenges. You will be expected to reflect and discuss your own great ideas as well.

We are delighted to welcome back Doug Dickinson to the Rutland Teaching Alliance. Doug works both nationally and internationally in all aspects of ICT in Primary Teaching. He is passionate about the significance of ICT in teaching and learning and its ability to enhance the work of dedicated teachers and to support and inspire children and students to produce their creative best.

As an independent ICT consultant and keynote speaker, Doug demonstrates, builds, exhorts, jokes, anecdotes and cajoles but eventually insists, that children have the right to the best and that technology can make a significant difference to how they live and learn.

Led by: Doug Dickinson

Audience: IT Leaders

Course Structure: Three half day sessions

Venue: Edith Weston Academy

Dates: Wednesday 20 November, Wednesday 26 February, Thursday 23 April

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Cost: 3 Tokens