This course is an exciting opportunity for Maths subject leaders to join a well-established and thriving Maths Leader Network. The sessions will support you in further developing your subject in school, ensuring quality outcomes for children and staff, alongside contributing to your own professional development and subject knowledge.

Over the year there will be three meetings which will support maths leaders in leading high-quality teaching and learning of maths in your school led by Vicki Giffard. These meetings will keep you up to date with the latest research, resources and assessment developments, and will support you with identifying and acting on priorities back in school. It will also encourage collaborative working to assist schools in developing plans for change and whole school improvement.

Our Maths network meetings aim to provide support for subject leaders to drive forward high standards and innovative practice back in school. The structure of the sessions will ensure that expertise from all subject leaders involved is effectively harnessed and provide opportunities for colleagues to work collaboratively. The main focus of each session will be centred around current updates, issues and resources, and subject leaders will have the opportunity to make suggestions towards the content to ensure CPD opportunities are relevant and useful.

Meetings will continue to explore the following:

  • Curriculum updates including assessment arrangements and current research
  • Developing aspects of subject and pedagogical knowledge
  • Monitoring and evaluation in your school.
  • Current issues and challenges facing schools that can be overcome by collaborative working.

We’re excited to continue developing a network of teachers committed to collaborative working and high-quality outcomes for their pupils.

Led by: Vicki Giffard

Audience: Maths Leaders

Course Structure: Three half day sessions

Venue: TBC

Dates: Wednesday 11th November, Wednesday 10th March 2021, Wednesday 9th June 2021

Time: 1.15pm – 4.00pm

Cost: 3 Tokens