What is an SLE?

Specialist Leaders of Education are experienced middle and senior leaders with the capacity and capability to support middle and senior leaders in other schools.

All Specialist Leaders of Education working for the Rutland Teaching Schools Alliance have been in a position of responsibility for at least two years and have made a positive impact on whole school improvement within their team and beyond. They have completed a thorough application process which includes: a written application; a strong reference from their current Head Teacher; and an interview/presentation which explores their ability to coach and impact upon the performance of colleagues. They will also undertaken the 1 day SLE training course.

Because the process is so rigorous, we are confident in our SLE ability to demonstrate the following key characteristics, as set out by the DfE:

  • A successful track record of working effectively within your own school and/or across a group of schools, or working with a range of leaders within a single school
  • Evidence of successfully using coaching and/or facilitation skills to bring about sustainable improvements
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • A good understanding of what constitutes ‘outstanding’ in your field of expertise and the ability and confidence to communicate this
  • A good understanding of how your specialism and skills can contribute to wider school improvement goals
  • An analytical approach in identifying and prioritising needs
  • The ability to set and establish new and innovative working practices
  • The ability to grow leadership capacity in others

When working with a school an SLEs  focus will be on developing leadership capacity.  This should be done in a supportive, peer to peer manner.  For the greatest impact SLEs will most likely use activities such as data-analysis, coaching, facilitating and training and joint strategic planning.

If you are interested in joining the Rutland Teaching Alliance as an SLE please get in touch via email at admin@rutlandta.com.

Working with an SLE

A Specialist Leader of Education will be deployed by the Rutland Teaching Schools Alliance to support colleagues in other RTA partner schools.

A SLE can be commissioned by the Local Authority, a National Leader in Education (NLE) or a Head Teacher contacting the RTA directly.  It is not appropriate for a SLE to be contacted directly or to undertake SLE work without consent of the RTA.

Our SLEs offer a range of support.

Review of this protocol

This protocol will be reviewed annually by the Director of the Rutland Teaching Alliance.