This year we are building upon the success of last year by focusing particularly on opportunities for developing greater depth writing. The three sessions will also ensure that delegates can moderate their work in a wider and more accurate manner.

These sessions will provide an opportunity to:

  • Gain an overview and update of statutory information relevant for the year group(s);
  • Develop a clear understanding of age-related expectations for the year group(s) in reading, writing and mathematics, and key teaching and learning considerations to support progress;
  • Understand and accurately assess ‘greater depth’ in reading, writing and mathematics for the year group(s);
  • Consider possible evidences to support accurate assessment judgements;
  • Encourage collaboration across schools.

These sessions will also give schools the opportunity to moderate with other schools across the County and so meet their statutory obligation to moderate widely.

Led by: Catherine Caldwell

Audience: Year 1 and Years 3/4/5 teachers, senior leaders are also welcome

Course Structure: Three half day sessions

Venue: Harington School

Dates: Tuesday 12 November, Tuesday 3 March, Wednesday 20 May

Time: Years 3/4/5 9am – 12pm, Year 1 1.15pm – 4.15pm

Cost: 1 Tokens per delegate, per session, or 2 Tokens per delegate for all three sessions